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TIPS in OEM sourcing

8 important things/tips you need to consider before communicating with custom garden / outdoor furniture (OEM) suppliers

1. Reference Photos / Drawings

Unlike wholesale products that already existed in the market, OEM products required a higher level of understanding / experience of the manufacturer. It’s very important to make sure the manufacturer understand the design concept and structure of the furniture.

- With different angles / views

2. Dimensions
- Inch / cm / mm
In China, always use cm or mm to communicate. Although they can do calculation from inch to cm/mm, it will turn out with numbers after decimal point which affects the accuracy in communicating.
- Thickness
Thickness is one of the things that designer usually forget to think of, such as the thickness of the tube, steel sheet, cushion thickness, etc.

3. Materials

Different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages and costs. Here are the most common materials for garden / outdoor furnitures:
- Iron / Steel
- Rattan / Polywood with Iron Frame
- Rattan / Polywood with Aluminum Frame

- Powder coating (Color)
Powder coating is the coloring process for iron and aluminum furniture.

- E-coating (standard protection) VS Anti-rusting treatment (simple protection)
Sometimes, manufacturers do not do e-coating for the frame because they think the rattan will cover the frames that are not easy to be noticed. Usually, most of them will do anti-rusting treatment for the iron/steel frames but actually e-coating is the most up-to-standard treatment to strengthen the protection and to prevent iron/steel from getting rusty after a longer period of time.

5. Quantity (MOQ)

Quantity is a very important factor in affecting the price. The larger the quantity, the lower the price. 500pcs for 1 color or 500pcs for 5 colors, it sounds a huge difference for manufacturers. It is because changing color will increase the time cost and work load for manufacturers. Also, if the color you want is not the regular color they have color powder in stock, you may have to pay extra to tailor made color powder and color powder factory also have MOQ to the furniture manufacturers.

- Per item
- Per color


- KD/Not KD
​​To achieve a higher loading quantity, furniture that can be KD (knocked down into few pieces) will help you save per unit cost of loading costs because KD structure furniture will occupy less space in container and can load more pieces in one container. Especially for mail-order /online shopping platform buyers, a small packaging size can lower the costs of delivery for their customers. 
Award Wining Design: Geometry Sofa Set

7. Packaging Way
Packaging way does not only affects the loading quantity in container, but also the prices because packaging materials are one the costs for manufacturers in quoting prices.
- By stacks
- 1pc/carton , 4pcs/carton, 1set/carton

Price term
- Full Container Load (FCL): FOB (suggestion)
- Less Container Load (LCL): EXW include or exclude tax (suggestion)

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